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Bob Senesac

Bob Senesac's Gallery

Archer, FL


Bob Senesac lives in Archer, Florida, where he operates his custom furniture and cabinet shop and a small studio. A photographer since attending Ohio University in the 70ís he is combining his love of wood and photography in some of his recent works.
The photographic mono prints are a unique print made by using a time honored process, the monotype and photography. He wanted to produce an image which was more than a photograph, but not one which was done with digital tools. The result is an image which is a hybrid between a painting and photograph. He feels the wood frames he builds for the large, multi plate prints are not just a frame but an extension of the print itself. He selects the wood and style of each frame to best fit a specific print. Most of the wood used in the frames is cut locally, stacked, and air dried. The use of wormy long leaf pine and free edge cherry in some frames add to the over all uniqueness of each piece.
Bobís work is always evolving, as evidenced by his recent, Bamboozled and Visual Vortex series. Expanding into 3-D mixed media, combining wood, glass and other non traditional media with photography is a natural progression.


Gibson Ridge Road by Bob Senesac


Fruit Stand by Bob Senesac


Finale by Bob Senesac


Pas de Deux by Bob Senesac


Daytona Signs by Bob Senesac


Crater Lake Sunrise by Bob Senesac


Cedar Key 1 by Bob Senesac


Cedar Key 2 by Bob Senesac


Bella by Bob Senesac


Andera'a View by Bob Senesac


Orange Slice by Bob Senesac


Wisteria by Bob Senesac


Azalia by Bob Senesac